UN17 Village, Copenhagen, Denmark

All 17 UN Global Goals in one method

From the last remaining building plot in Ørestad, located in southern Copenhagen, a new village will rise over the coming years. A project with a unique approach to sustainability, that will set new standards for sustainable construction. The project will complete the last 25 years of development of the Copenhagen district Ørestad South.


UN17 Village is the first building in the world that through an innovative method addresses and incorporates the 17 UN Global Goals in one complete solution. This approach to future construction challenges the status quo in a holistic project that meets the highest standards within social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

When construction is completed in 2024, it will house more than 1,100 residents in 535 homes and rise as a significant landmark for Ørestad in Copenhagen.

UN17 Village comprises five buildings that measure a total of 35,000 sqm and will house more than 1,100 people. UN17 Village is designed with a variety of housing types, which together provide the basis for a diverse and strong neighbourhood, where anybody regardless of family structure and age can live.

The buildings are grouped around common areas including restaurants for residents and visitors, a health clinic that will focus on the residents’ health and well-being and a health centre with a fitness centre. In addition, there is a sharing centre, which will serve as a gathering place and inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle based on circular economy.

The idea is to create a village with different housing typologies that cater for residents across generations and changing family patterns. UN17 Village is designed with a focus on safety, the immediate environment and with many facilities and places where the area’s residents can meet in social contexts.

UN17 aims to become the first Danish residential construction to be certified according to the American building standard WELL. The project further expects to achieve the new award DGNB Heart for well-being and indoor climate, which will be a proof of thorough anchoring of health parameters as part of the sustainability system.

The new neighbourhood will conclude 25 years of development of the Copenhagen district Ørestad South.


Ørestad, Copenhagen, Denmark




In progress


35.000 sqm




Lendager Group, Moe Rådgivende Ingeniører, Arup Rådgivende Ingeniører

Point of contact

Mia Scheel, Market Director Sweco Architects Denmark

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