Triangeln Station, Malmö, Sweden

A place that adds something extra to the journey

At Triangeln Station in Malmö passengers are met by elegant glass domes at each entrance above ground. Cantilevered structures in glass and steel enable daylight to flood down onto the station platforms 25 metres below ground. A true transparency imbues this place with a real sense of security, which facilitates meetings between people and adds something extra to the journey.


The opening of the City Tunnel in Malmö in 2010 made travelling by train easier throughout southern Sweden and enabled Swedes and Danes to travel with more easeand speed between their countries. City Tunnel brought three new stations to Malmö, one of which is Triangeln Station, designed by architects at Sweco together with the Danish company KHR Arkitekter. The addition of the station has also resulted in a substantial increase in how attractive housing, workplaces, cultural institutions, retail and entertainment facilities in the vicinity has become.

The station has been noted for its beautiful dome-like entrance halls in glass and steel which are like lanterns, lighting up the dark evenings. The cantilevered steel structures are covered in triangular glass, with each pane having a unique geometric appearance. The glass dome enables daylight to penetrate a long way down into the station. Great care has also been put into the very large and easy to monitor platform area, where artificial light imitates the changing daylight during the day.

Beauty, sustainability, accessibility, security and transparency for the passengers were the watchwords in the design of the station. These watchwords, concepts that Sweco's architects integrated into the project at a very early stage, and which the clients valued highly, had a major impact on the process. Showing the clients good examples of stations, via site visits in other countries, enabled the architects to clarify their visions and arguments in a way that expedited the collaboration between them.

Located at the station's northern exit is the beautiful art nouveau St. John's Church dating from the early 1900s with a 60 metre high steeple. The issue of how the magnificent church would be affected by the erection of an easy to find and distinctively designed station right alongside was a challenge for the project. A close collaboration was initiated between the architects, the church's congregation and the city's antiquarians to find an engaging and pleasing balance in the station's design. The solution of the glass dome signals the station in a clear and timeless way without impinging on the church's place in the urban space.


Citytunneln, Station Malmö C Nedre, Station Triangeln och Station Hyllie




City Tunnel Project (Swedish Transport Administration, Malmö City, Region Skåne)


Completed in 2010


9,500 m2


Architecture, construction, installation, expertise within infrastructure


KHR Arkitekter

Point of contact

Anders Öreberg
Phone: +46 734128215


The Kasper Salin award from the Swedish association of architects in 2011

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