The Abt-Siard-Haus, Bad Schussenrie, Germany

Psychiatric nursing home imbedded in green

The new specialised nursing home is built like a campus with various buildings interspersed with park-like green areas, with the River Schussen flowing along the western boundary of the site. The grounds of the facilities are directly adjacent to the historical Schussenried Monastery.


With a restrained structured design that gently blends into its surroundings, the building consists of two three-story sections arranged at right angles to each other and a two-story pavilion-like extension. While inner courtyards, loggias, floor-to-ceiling glazing and the best possible building orientation ensure plenty of light, air and sun, the simple and compact design allows for optimal use of space - and maximum distance to the monastery grounds.

The two parts of the building each have a centrally located inner courtyard, around which six groupings of 15 rooms and the day rooms are located. The residents as well as the staff benefit from the short distances and optimal lighting. Generous glazing and loggias provide plenty of daylight and create rooms that enable a high quality of living.

The facilities offer- 90 beds for chronically ill people, three beds for day care guests as well as a day support centre for 29 patients, housekeeping activities, and where occupational therapy and creative design are offered.

Wooden-framed windows as well as more generous mullion and transom glazing and wooden louvers were used in the common rooms and the cafeteria. The materials used help achieve a restrained impression of the building compared with those in the monastery complex.

During the planning process, the requirements of the State Monuments Office posed a particular challenge. Due to the proximity to the monastery, special regulations had to be observed with regard to the shape, height and design.


Pfarrer-Leube-Straße 29, Bad Schussenried, Germany


NDT South Württemberg


Gross floor area: 7,059 m², usable floor space: 3,890 m²

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Sweco Architects - Germany


Philip Kistner

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