St. Johann Nepomuk Hospital, Erfurt, Germany

Psychiatry clinic with a hotel like atmosphere

Large glazed areas connect with outdoor greenery in the new clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in Erfurt. The hospital offers inpatient, day-care and outpatient treatment.


To serve an increasing number of patients as well as the demands for the best possible care, a new building, housing six wards with a total of 120 beds was added to the existing hospital complex of the Catholic Hospital St. Johann Nepomuk in Erfurt.

The common rooms for the patients and the corridors are grouped around the two interior atria. The large, glazed areas provide sufficient daylight everywhere, and seating areas invite patients to linger.
The new building is connected to the existing one on the ground floor and in the basement. A new, shared foyer was created on the first floor.

The three-story building consists of two interlocking cubes, each with a centrally located atrium. The patient rooms are located along the facades facing south and west, ensuring optimal natural lighting. Elevators, stairwells and ancillary rooms are located in areas without natural light.
The building’s facade uses ceramics, which thanks to its light colours, has an inviting and friendly appearance. The sun protection in dark red references the red bricks of the existing building and sets additional accents.

The interiors are also dominated by natural colour tones. Individual areas, such as support points or communal zones, are accentuated by additional colours. Overall, the patient areas are intended to convey the character of a hotel rather than a hospital.

The new complex houses areas for general psychiatry, gerontological psychiatry and a closed psychiatric ward for intensive psychiatry. The extension facilitates flexibility in bed occupancy and offers the possibility of treating patients in a centre consisting of inpatient treatment, a psychiatric outpatient clinic and a day clinic.

In close cooperation with the client, focus was placed on patient-oriented quality of stay and functionality, and particular emphasis was placed during the planning phase, on optimising the daily work and process flows of the staff.


Nepomuk Erfurt, Germany


Katholisches Krankenhaus


Gross floor area: 9,376 m², usable floor space: 3,497 m²



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+49 (0)30 700 182-0


Albrecht Voß

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