Sandgrund Park, Karlstad, Sweden

A flourishing space with expansive views

Sandgrund Park is almost exclusively about experiencing the water. The park is located on a sandy reef along the river running through the city, and the further out on the headland you go, the more intense the feeling is of being surrounded by water. The park has gone from being an unused area to a much-appreciated park and meeting place in central Karlstad.


For several years, the location of the park, known locally as Sandgrundsparken, was desolate and empty. Therefore, Sweco's assignment was about transforming the area to a place for social interaction. The river that flows through the city has played a major role in the design process and along the riverside there is a system of boardwalks. As the water is cold and the currents strong, the park is not a place for bathing but instead is designed for enjoying the surrounding landscape and the water.

A wavelike sculpted landscape spreads out, overgrown with tens of thousands of plants taking turns to bloom amongst the trees and shrubs. The landscape varies in character between the lower and higher parts and in the grass has low-lying rows in stone, for sitting on. The lighting is reflected in the water in the evening and the lighting from the ground creates security.

Sandgrund Park has received international attention and received the prestigious Siena Prize in 2010 from the professional organization Architects Sweden. The motivation was that "The new park is a timeless and romantic creation, for example the design has been painted with a wide brush and the result is a very beautiful and useful park".


Karlstad, Sweden


Karlstad Municipality


40,000 sqm


Landscape architecture

Point of contact

Thorbjörn Andersson, Sweden

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