Rördrommen, Örebro, Sweden

A modern reinterpretation of rural life

On the outskirts of Örebro, with the Oset nature reserve and Lake Hjälmaren as neighbours, a row of houses of different colours, surprise passers-by. Their appearance as barns, reminiscent of the old-fashioned countryside, hides the fact that they are innovative properties that allow people and families to grow.


When Sweco Architects were commissioned to create a housing complex with the name Rördrommen (named after a wading bird belonging to the hern family), they chose to reinterpret traditional rural construction, to create the feeling of city meets nature. The houses feel contemporary, even if they have attributes of traditional old barns. Order yet variation has permeated the project, where there is nothing opulent - but at the same time nothing boring. The chain houses (with chain meaning that they are loosely attached), are identical in design to create a feeling of calm, but they are different in colour, giving each one a unique identity.

The rounded roofs, evocative of agricultural buildings, have their very own function, as they free up space in the attic while reaching down over the facades to make the houses feel less tall. A floor plan offering such flexibility, where the living space can be changed depending on whether you choose to furnish the attic or not, is rarely found in chain houses. This feature will enable a young couple or a small family to have a home that can grow in step with family needs.

Even though the houses are in close proximity, the surroundings offer plenty of space to breathe in the fresh air, as well as an expansive view of the untouched nature. The structure creates a shadow play that breaks up the schematic lines and contributes to a small-town feeling. Their location close to Örebro makes the houses accessible, but although they are visible from the main road, they have a semi-private forecourt with space for various activities. In addition to the chain houses, the housing complex includes two multifamily dwellings that are created to blend in seamlessly.

Rördrommen is built to fit in with the surroundings but at the same time be something for residents to make their own, whether it be sharing a playground with the neighbours, going for walks in the nature reserve, or picking mushrooms and berries in the adjacent forest.


Örebro, Sweden


Stjärnhusen AB


Architecture, Landscape architecture

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Katarina Misita Stensson, katarina.misita.stensson@sweco.se, +46 722098192


Tim Meier

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