Oksenøya, Fornebu, Norway

A residential project on nature's terms

Oksenøya is a coastal residential area with 385 apartments on the west side of Fornebu, a peninsular area not far from Oslo.


The project is based on the distinctive landscape - characterised by sea, boulders, sand dunes and flower meadows. The architects were inspired by how the landscape is shaped by the sea wind - when it blows in between the buildings, the surroundings change. In other words, a living landscape, designed on the premises of nature and the wind.

The construction uses sustainable materials that reflect the environment. Ore-pine is an untreated material that has not travelled from afar, with a positive CO2 footprint that can be reused and recycled. Green roofs with local species help absorb rainwater and contribute to the diversity of the local species. The balconies each have their own integrated planter box that manages and filters surface water and facilitates growing your own. The outdoor areas are enhanced with native plants, trees and flowers that reflect the diversity at Fornebu. In addition, the areas around the homes are designed without hard surfaces so that the surface water can be managed locally. The project is certified with BREEAM rating Very Good.

Together with the client OBOS, we have created exclusive seaside homes for buyers looking for quality and who often want individual adaptations. In that sense, Oksenøya is tailored to both nature and the people moving in.


Fornebu, Norway


OBOS Fornebulandet


33, 000 m2 useable area


Architecture, landscape architecture

Point if contact:

Morten Longum, TAG Arkitekter, a part of Sweco , +47 982 10 752, ml@tagarkitekter.no

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