Hainan Future Industry Park, Hainan, China

High-tech Urban District in Southern China

Sweco has been chosen to develop a new high-tech park on the island of Hainan in southern China. The area will be a new landmark for China and a model for innovation, sustainable design and technology that will attract international tech companies.


Sweco’s architects in Sweden won the assignment in an international competition and inauguration of the park is planned to take place in 2024. Sweco is responsible for planning and landscaping and will also design all the buildings. The southern part of Hainan is already a tourist destination and the high-tech park will be located in the northern part of the island.

With a total building area of 500,000 square meters, it is a gigantic project that places high demands on its implementation. Sweco's architects are planning from a sustainable perspective, with energy-efficient buildings and using Swedish sustainable system solutions. Due to the warm climate, the vision has been to create a microclimate for the park, making it possible to stay outdoors even in the summer. One idea is to have shaded walkways that attract the breeze. There is also a vision for having modern wastewater treatment that produces biogas and caters for agricultural needs on the island.

Besides a “Future Office Park”, the assignment comprises buildings for research and development, housing, commerce, schools and a hospital. Several of Sweco’s areas of expertise are involved and nearly 100 architects from Sweco are working on the assignment.

“Sweco has worked with sustainable development projects in China for 20 years and has been responsible for many interesting urban planning projects around the country. That we are able to work comprehensively from planning to landscaping, architecture and interior design as in this project, is always extra enjoyable,” said Christer Stenmark, Director of International Operations at Sweco Architects in Sweden.


Hainan Island, China


Hainan Future Office Park Investment and Holding Co., Ltd


500,000 sqm




Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape architecture, interior design, Lighting design

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