Gamlestaden bicycle parking house, Gothenburg, Sweden

The city’s first bicycle parking house, designed for security

Having a building dedicated to bicycle parking, is a great way to encourage people to bring their bicycles into the inner city of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city. With its three floors, the facility offers easily accessible and secure parking.


The bicycle parking house in the Gamlestaden district of Gothenburg is the city's first, consisting of three floors and with space for 600 cycles, including special cycles. In addition, there is a service station with pumps and other useful tools. Visitors move easily between the floors with the help of electric conveyor belts on the stairs and they can lock their cycles in sturdy racks made of steel.

The building was designed in a way to make its function obvious - the facade seems almost transparent with its perforated walls, allowing you to see through the spaces. Once inside, you can feel safe and secure since you have a good overview of the surroundings, while being visible from the outside.

The building culminates at a peak, facing the square, marking the entrance at the same time as the building claims its place among the much taller surrounding properties. Sweco Architects have also worked with the lighting design, creating the feeling of a lantern that lights up towards the square during the darkness of the night. To seal the building’s identity as a living landmark, the lighting can change colour based on activities or events taking place in the city.

The architects created what appears to be a seamless facade where all the facade panels bend around the edges of the building, providing more stability and enabling the hidden, underlying attachment of the panels. The pattern continues round the edges, creating a cohesiveness and reinforcing the seamlessness. In addition, the architects chose only to work with vertical supports in the form of pillars, making the building grow in height. This leads to a feeling of space and a lightness, while awarding this special structure with well-deserved elegance. The richness in the detail of the interior makes a clear impression, where the ceiling and the specially designed stair railings also capture the perforated nature of the facade. All elements were drawn in 3D and executed with the utmost care in both planning and execution, contributing to the futuristic yet functional feeling that the house exudes.

Thanks to its new travel centre, the adjacent public square, Gamlestads torg, has become the second largest hub in Gothenburg after the central station. Within a few years, 40,000 people are predicted to pass through daily. The Gamlestaden district, located in the historic old town has become the gateway to the city centre and here, new homes and offices are integrated with older buildings. In the future, the district will become a natural part of the new inner city from where you can travel by foot, cycle or tram to Gothenburg city centre.

With its location between the city centre and the city’s northeastern districts, Gamlestaden travel centre is a main throughway to and from the city centre, allowing exercise enthusiasts to choose cycling as part of their commute, encouraged by this practical and secure storage facility.


Gothenburg, Sweden


City of Gothenburg's Traffic and Public Transport Authority


Architecture, lighting design

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Pekka Leppänen,, +46 73 412 27 29 and Caroline Zima,, +46 73 845 42 18


Bert Leandersson

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